Iago Abal

A picture of myself

My name is Iago, and I am a computer engineer with a focus on functional programming and formal methods. Over the past years I have conducted research on push-button approaches to program verification, and I have implemented a number of prototype tools, using the functional programming languages Haskell and OCaml. In the pursuit of that goal I have used a wide range of techniques such as type inference, term rewriting, SMT solving, or fuzz testing.

Until February 2017, I work at ITU where I develop a prototype static analyzer for C based on side-effect inference and model-checking: EBA.

I am looking for my next job, ideally it will be related to software reliability and compiler technology. If you want to take a look at my CV please visit my linkedin profile for a big-picture view, or ask me for a detailed version.

Current projects

I do maintain a list of past projects.

Recent papers

Updated in January 2017.