z3-0.3.2: Bindings for the Z3 Theorem Prover

z3-0.3.2: Bindings for the Z3 Theorem Prover

Bindings for the Z3 Theorem Prover (http://z3.codeplex.com).

Low-level bindings to the Z3 API are provided by Z3.Base, this API is still incomplete but pretty much stable.

A simple but convenient wrapper for Z3.Base is provided by Z3.Monad.

The Z3.Lang API provides a high-level interface to Z3, but it is still very experimental and likely to change.

  • In version 0.3.2 the Z3.Lang interface has been deprecated, we will move it to a dedicated package.

Important notes:

  • Installation (Unix-like): Just be sure to use the standard locations for dynamic libraries (/usr/lib) and header files (/usr/include), or else use the --extra-lib-dirs and --extra-include-dirs Cabal flags.
  • Haddock documentation can be found at http://www.iagoabal.eu/z3-haskell/doc/0.3.2.
  • Hackage fails to compile this package because of the (unsatisfied) libz3 dependency.

A changelog is available at https://bitbucket.org/iago/z3-haskell/src/tip/CHANGES.md