Iago Abal

A picture of myself

My name is Iago, and I am a computer engineer with a passion for making software that is safe, robust, and secure. I am a strong advocate of functional programming, type systems, and lightweight formal methods. I am "compiler guy", and I love building tools. During my life as "academic researcher" (roughly 2008--2016), I have implemented a number of prototype tools using a wide range of techniques such as: type inference, term rewriting, SAT/SMT solving, fuzz testing, and software model checking. In June 2017, I received a PhD from the IT University of Copenhagen, where I developed a prototype static analyzer for C based on side-effect inference: EBA. At present, I work for Prover Technology (Stockholm), where I work on Prover Certifier: a SIL4 tool chain used to formally verify the safety of railway interlocking systems.

Open source

Work and family take most of my time; but, to some degree, I do maintain the following projects.


Updated in December 2017.